Private excursion with guide on the Piedmont Alps

Private excursion with guide on the Piedmont Alps

Accompanied by an expert hiking and nature guide to discover the paths of the Piedmont Alps, with trekking near Turin among suggestive fortresses, alpine fauna and imposing peaks.


The day will begin around 09.00 in the location chosen for the excursion, where you will meet with our nature guide and hiking

Depending on the destination, the duration of the trip may vary from 4 to 6 hours in total , on non-binding routes, passing through villages , withinprotected natural areas or reaching alpine refuges . The expected height difference will be 400-600 m . On request it is also possible to organize a more or less demanding excursion, also depending on the environmental conditions and what you expect most from the trip.
For example, if the season is the right one, you can organize a more naturalistic exit to spot wild animals , or a more hiking climb to reach a scenic pass or some easy peak .

The destination can be chosen according to your preferences or we will evaluate what will be the best location based on the environmental conditions.

On request we can organize transfers to / from the start / end of the excursion.


Possible every day
65 euros per person
With 4 participants

The trekking excursion can be organized both for individuals and for private groups of 2 or more people .
Contact us to receive a personalized quote.



  • Accompaniment of Naturalistic and Hiking Guide for 1 day


  • Private transfers to / from the excursion start / end point
  • Extra night in a farmhouse, B & B or refuge

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