Situated in central-southern Italy, the Molise stretches between the Apennine ridge and the Adriatic Sea. Nature, history, art, ancient traditions and gastronomy are the treasures of this still unknown land. When you visit Molise, you will experience a sense of “discovery”, beginning with its predominantly mountainous and hilly territory, traversed by the characteristic “tratturi”, the historical routes of transhumance that combine the Abruzzo pastures with those of Apulia.

The National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise reveals unexpected magnificent landscapes, while the numerous natural reserves protect the plant and animal species typical of this area. Scenarios of uncontaminated nature also frame the two most important ski resorts in the region: Campitello Matese and Capracotta.

The coastline features sandy beaches surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and a clear and clear sea that has also been awarded this year with the Blue Flag. Millennial history and the region’s culture can be discovered by visiting archaeological sites, abbeys, the villages and the numerous castles in the area.

The survival of uses and traditions, crafts and ancient crafts elsewhere is a unique feature of the region, making Molise a “small ancient world”.
The provinces are: Campobasso (capital) and Isernia.

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